Diversity & Equality

Slate Wine & Spirits Academy is committed to upholding the principles of diversity and equality in all areas of its work, seeking to ensure that all instructors, employees, candidates, and students are treated fairly and equally at all times. 

This policy applies to all Slate Wine & Spirits Academy staff and to any individual acting on behalf of Slate Wine & Spirits Academy. WSET has its own diversity and equality policy which complements the provisions below. 

Slate Wine & Spirits Academy assures equality of opportunity for all candidates by: 

Promoting open access to WSET qualifications (having regard to the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcohol and assessment competence standards);

Ensuring that the format and content of all specifications, exams, and other WSET materials do not discriminate unlawfully against anyone on the grounds of disability, age, marriage, and civil partnership, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation (having regard to the legal minimum age for the retail purchase of alcohol and assessment competence standards);

Allowing candidates with special educational needs, disabilities, or temporary injuries to access WSET assessments without changing the demands of the assessment in line with the WSET Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policies;

Collating and monitoring data on candidate age, gender, ethnicity, and access arrangements, which are reportable in a non-attributable format;

Inviting feedback on diversity issues from instructors, employees, candidates, and all students, current, and past;

Working with relevant organizations as appropriate to develop measures to identify and prevent inequality of opportunity; and

Reviewing this policy regularly to ensure it continues to meet legislative and organizational requirements and is fit for purpose. 

Candidates who believe they may have been unfairly discriminated against by Slate Wine & Spirits Academy should raise this concern to the Director of Education, Lee Pancake, at [email protected]. Please refer to our Complaints and Appeals policies for more information.